Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Irle School Students Artwork on Display

Take a break from the cold and warm your heart by visiting ArtSpot's January artists, the students of Irle Elementary School. During the whole month of January all the students from Irle, grades K-3 have art hanging on the walls inside Flicks, and that is a lot of gorgeous art. ArtSpot co-directors and volunteers have been working in the classrooms with the students since last August. The students have been learning the seven basic concepts of art and design. In this show each student was asked to select their favorite piece of art that they created. Stop by Flicks with your family and friends and support all of our young artists, and marvel at the range of self expression that art and creativity can produce.

For more information about how you can donate time, goods and more to Artspots community and educational programs visit the ArtSpot blog at http://artspotgallery.blogspot.com or email us at artspotgallery@gmail.com. Artspot's February art will be a first time solo show by watercolor artist Walter Thorn of Glasgow. Currently showing at the FMDH gallery is the photography of Ellen Lloyd.